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    Rock Flow Dynamics is officially a member of the Open Group OSDU™ Forum.

    The Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) is an open-source data platform that enables cross-industry collaboration and maximizes the value of development & exploration data. It is an open and integrated digital data platform that provides information services of the oil & gas industry data to create an industry ecosystem thus making it a platform for all industries to accelerate digital transformation. 

    Join us and explore what a future-ready digital transformation looks like. 

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    Model Migration
    Migrating your existing models and data into tNavigator is a straightforward process.

    Our technology supports all common standard industry data input formats, meaning complicated model conversions are a thing of the past! We offer a “plug & play” solution, with embedded format convertors in the executable we that can provide on-the-fly conversion of input data decks for simulation models.

    For static modelling, raw data or RESCUE files can be directly imported to tNavigator. We also offer model compatibility to convert geological models via third party technologies for fast and accurate migration.