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tNavigator is a state-of-the-art reservoir modelling and simulation platform, offering a wide range of advanced innovative tools for geoscience, reservoir and production engineering disciplines.

Integration is at the heart of our technology; we believe that by keeping data and knowledge in a single platform, performance and efficiency is increased, allowing you to undertake a deeper analysis of your field and make more informed, confident decisions.

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tNavigator’s development is continuous, defined by our users’ needs and the latest industry trends. We offer an experienced team of over 200 specialists in software support & development, 24/7 client support and 4 major updates to our technology every year.
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tNavigator offers a wide range of innovative & advanced workflows from seismic to surface.

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“I am an experienced geomodeller, having previously used many of the well-known software packages available. tNavigator geomodelling (Geology Designer) is new technology whose functionality is improving all the time. Geology Designer is now in a place where I can build all the technically challenging geomodels that I need. The software support from RFD is very good, and the time taken for RFD to implement new functionality in Geology Designer is short. I would be very happy to recommend Geology Designer in tNavigator to anyone looking for an alternative geomodelling software package.”

Senior Geologist, Serica Energy (UK)

“By using tNavigator advance technologies, we had better opportunities to explorer more complex and challenging tasks related to static and dynamic modeling workflows that we were hesitated to apply them in the past due to software’s and hardware’s limitation. Currently we are considering RFD as the key strategic partner who is providing us with great technology and technical support to fulfil our goals and visions in very efficient and practical ways.”

Principal Reservoir Engineer (Simulation), Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

“I found tNavigator really easy to use with extensive functionality and helpful manuals and on-line training. The geological modelling capability in Geology Designer has massively improved over the last few years and provides a fully functioning platform for geomodel building, with the advantage that it is directly coupled to the core simulation elements of tNavigator. The new functionality of Ensemble Modelling AHM within tNavigator has also given us the ability to investigate the impact of key uncertainties (both static and dynamic) across a large numbers models and significantly improve the history match of all cases at the same time. This is really useful when dealing with large or complex fields were a significant number of factors are important, especially key geological uncertainties or variables as we can include these in fully integrated workflows.”

EnQuest - Sean Kelly, Principal Geologist

“We find tNavigator a very useful reservoir simulation tool through usage of the integrated modules that help us keep the projects in a single software solution which inevitably leads to reduced software spendings without sacrificing the quality. RFD has a great and responsive support team which provides excellent and swift services to our reservoir engineers.”

Luka Bajan

“I have been using tNavigator since 2012, and the functionalities of the software have improved and developed through years in order to capture and ease geological and dynamical modelling workflows. By implementing fully integrated workflows in tNavigator pre-processor, we had opportunities to explore the range of possibilities and outcomes of an optimisation scenario in a shorter time, allowing the team to have more reliable and consistent simulation results. On a different project, the use of tNavigator during the appraisal stage was key for assessing the reservoir risks with a more objective approach, when compared to the classical exploration method. The integrated environment allowed us to carry out a quick, reliable study and make confident decisions. Following the results of this project, we have since adopted this approach in other prospects

I  would be very happy to recommend tNavigator as software package, as I am very satisfied with solution and the level of  support provided by the team.”

Anna Nilsen

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tNavigator 23.3 is available to users

Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our flagship product, tNavigator. Version 23.3 is now available to users. Key new features in 23.3 In the Simulator kernel: It is now possible to model...