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Gain valuable insight on your mine with tNavigator.

Mining projects can occur in highly complex geological settings, with many factors having an impact on the distribution of targeted deposits. Integrated geomodelling is required to have an accurate understanding of those deposits and to deliver tangible results. Our technology offers a comprehensive package for the resource industry by providing advanced 3D geological modelling, geological characterisation and production solutions.

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    tNavigator: Integrated Mining Solution

    Gain valuable insight on your mine with tNavigator - complete end-to-end geological modelling software to better understand your deposit.

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    Integrated Mining Solution
    tNavigator is an integrated software technology that allows all domains through the resource lift cycle to work seamlessly together. Reduce exploration costs and improve work efficiency with our easy-to-use, automated processes.
    • Workflow-based modelling – automate routine operations and expand the functionality of the package using custom Python scripts.
    • Automation – fully automatic model construction, without the need for manual operations due to the automatic allocation of orebodies and domains directly within the block model.
    • Multivariant modelling – generate stochastic realisations that take into account possible geological uncertainties and measurement errors. Multiple versions of a model can be accessed within a single project.
    • Geostatistics – a unique set of automatic and visual tools are available to establish whether the geostatistical approach is applicable for a targeted modelling area.
    • Modelling in non-stationary conditions –  The Amazonas machine learning algorithm can handle non-stationary asymmetric and multimodal distributions. This accurately reproduces the original data and automatically highlights patterns, including possible domain boundaries.
    • Uncertainty analysis – identify factors that have a considerable influence on the target parameters in the early stages of modelling, allowing you to exclude insignificant factors and focus on those that will have a major impact on the results.
    Geological Modelling
    Geostatistical Analysis

    3D Geological Modelling

    In any mineral exploration programme, choosing ‘where to drill’ is a critical decision to make to find a mineral deposit. Geological modelling is a powerful tool to pull the data from various sources and put it together and come up with an understanding of the subsurface geology. Our sophisticated 3D geological modelling algorithms have been used for many years to optimise workflows and outputs to address practical exploration issues. The combination of Geology Designer and uncertainty and economic optimisation tools, all incorporated into one tNavigator package, is designed to make sure you explore with confidence.


    Resource Estimation

    Tonnage and grade estimation of ore reserves is inherently uncertain. The question is whether mining a particular ore deposit would be profitable. Domain estimation and uncertainty analysis are necessary to gain insight into the features and values of resource properties. tNavigator’s Amazonas ‘automated domaining’ and uncertainty analysis are effective tools whose joint use helps to communicate the uncertainty for a reliable understanding of resources. These tools and algorithms are tested by the many years of use in resource estimation.