Annual tNavigator Technology Summit

8 Global Locations


Intelligent Geoscience

tNavigator’s integrated architecture promotes cross domain collaboration, enabling subsurface teams to work together and make informed decisions on their assets.

In tNavigator you will find unique integrated workflows from geophysics to reservoir modelling, allowing geoscientists to construct a robust interpretation and reservoir model of their field. Models can be instantly carried forward to reservoir simulation in the same interface to allow for thorough analysis and evaluation of the field.

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    Enriched suite of geophysical tools enabling you to visualise and interpret geophysical data
    • Horizon & fault interpretation
    • Seismic visualisation
    • Attribute analysis
    • Seismic resampling
    • Domain conversion
    Well Correlation
    Flexible log analysis tools providing unlimited access to correlation techniques
    • Customisable well section templates
    • Create and edit well top formations
    • Automated well top extraction
    • Ghost curve
    • Log calculation & creation
    • Log conditioning tools
    Well Correlation
    Well Correlation
    Geological Interpretation
    Maximise the full potential of your data by using our comprehensive suite for correlation and mapping workflows
    • Surface attribute generation
    • 2D mapping and volumetrics
    • Data analysis and visualisation
    • Manual contouring edits
    • Point & polygon editing
    • Automatic surface update
    Artificial Intelligence
    A smart approach using the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence
    • Neural Networks
    • Use of deep computer-aided learning
    • Prediction of lithotypes
    • Seismic attribute clusterisation
    Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence
    Structural Modelling
    Build at geological scale, capturing all input requirements. Honour reservoir structural complexities through 3D structural modelling
    • Simple grid
    • Corner point geometry
    • Stair stepped
    • Corners format
    • Geobody modelling
    Structural Modelling
    Structural Modelling
    Reservoir Modelling & Uncertainty
    Capture all heterogeneity at geological resolution to carry forward to reservoir simulation. Repeat and automate your full workflow from seismic to dynamic
    • CPU/GPU computation
    • Log upscaling
    • Data analysis, variogram analysis
    • Facies modelling, MPS, TGS, SIS
    • Petrophysical modelling
    • Fluid in place
    • Uncertainty & optimisation
    Reservoir Modelling & Uncertainty
    Reservoir Modelling & Uncertainty
    Reservoir Modelling & Uncertainty
    Complete Static Modelling Solution
    Intelligent Geoscience Infosheet