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Reservoir Engineering

tNavigator is the first integrated-by-design reservoir management technology, encouraging collaboration and reducing the need for multiple software platforms across domains.

Dynamic modelling and simulation is carried out at geological scale, with interactive results analysis and the ability to change model configurations on-the-fly. Simulation results are delivered with unlimited acceleration and scalability utilising all GPU & CPU hardware capacity. We offer reliable, easy, smart and exceptionally high performance.

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    Fluid Properties Modelling
    Build representative PVT descriptions for Black Oil, Compositional or Thermal models following industry recognised correlations. Match results to experimental data and adjust relevant model parameters accordingly.
    • Fluid component properties
    • Saturation pressure curves
    • Phase envelope projection
    • PVT experiment matching
    • Pseudo-components modelling
    • Multiple composition variants or EOS blend
    Development Strategies
    Design operational strategies that incorporate all relevant assumptions, fit to represent the specific challenges of any field maturity. Optimise model data by linking scheduled actions with well parameters.
    • Customisable group or well rules 
    • Conventional and smart well completions
    • VFP and IPR tables 
    • Single and Multi-phase flow correlations
    • Well test data matching
    Reservoir Simulation
    Black oil, compositional and thermal reservoir simulator powered by universal fluid flow equations, controlled by the laws of physics and enhanced with world-class modern computational technology.
    • Integrated value-chain modelling 
    • Efficient utilisation of all available hardware (CPU+GPU engine)
    • Dual Porosity Dual Permeability (DPDP)
    • Geomechanics
    • Coupled models
    • Steam-flooding, Hydraulic Fracturing and Unconventionals
    Relative Permeability Modelling
    Experience the practicality and value of tNavigator’s Relative Permeability Designer, an essential tool that simplifies relative permeability modelling and brings efficiency and precision to your reservoir management efforts. This toolkit offers an array of advantages that enhance your simulation experience.
    • Customized Curves – tailor your relative permeability curves precisely to your reservoir’s unique characteristics
    • Laboratory Data Integration – Seamlessly import and integrate Special Core Analysis (SCAL) data
    • Advanced Visualization – Easily visualise scaled relative permeability curves which is especially useful when employing end point scaling
    • Hysteresis Insights – Gain a deeper understanding of your hysteretic models by being able to visualize drainage, imbibition, and scanning curves
    • Ternary Graphs – Visualise ternary relative permeability graphs, allowing for comprehensive analysis of complex reservoir systems
    • Power of Correlations – Leverage the power of relative permeability correlations for efficient history matching and uncertainty quantification
    • In-built library – Utilise our built-in library of rock types as a starting point for relative permeability curve
    Results Analysis
    Powerful, integrated and user-friendly interface helps you to visualise and monitor reservoir simulation results in real-time, to achieve a deeper analysis of your model.
    • Analyse results and introduce changes while the simulation is running 
    • Unique visualisation options available 
    • Industry-standard output formats available  
    • Waterflood management
    • Drainage area and streamlines analysis
    Complete Static Modelling Solution

    In our technology you will find unique integrated workflows from geophysics to reservoir modelling, allowing geoscientists to construct a robust interpretation and reservoir model of their field. tNavigator promotes a collaborative environment for reservoir modelling, enabling geoscientists and engineers to integrate static and dynamic modelling in one technology.

    One Asset, One Software: The Future of Reservoir Modelling

    tNavigator is a state-of-the-art reservoir modelling and simulation platform, offering a wide range of advanced innovative tools for geoscience, reservoir and production engineering disciplines. This download provides an overview of our integrated solutions and highlights the benefits of choosing tNavigator.