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    Mining Projects
    Mining projects can occur in highly complex geological settings, with many factors having an impact on the distribution of targeted deposits. Integrated geomodelling is required to have an accurate understanding of those deposits and to deliver tangible results. Gain insight in your mining projects through the application of tNavigator’s intelligent geoscience toolset.
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    • Integrate data from field work, borehole measurements, and geophysical surveys in an array of map, cross-section, and 3D workspaces. Carry this data forward into your models to have direct impact on your deliverables.
    • Construct fine scale, high fidelity geological models which honour source data while applying geostatistical analysis to distribute properties. 
    • Use models to perform necessary calculations to accurately report resource estimates.
    • Optimize results through the application of tNavigator’s Assisted History Matching tool to account for uncertainty in subsurface interpretation.
    Mining Projects
    Mining Projects
    Mining Projects