tNavigator 19.3 released

The key new features in tNavigator 19.3 are: tNavigator kernel: Full GPU version is available for black oil models. Geology Designer: New interpolation algorithms are available — TGS (Truncated Gaussian Simulation) and Convergent. Model Designer: Well pattern templates may be used to add new wells. PVT Designer: Li critical temperature coefficient may be set in […]


In September Rock Flow Dynamics took part in SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE

In September Rock Flow Dynamics took part in SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Over 400 reservoir experts from 80 countries attended the event to share expertise in specific topics that most burden the industry. RFD CTO, Kirill Bogachev, was invited as a speaker of Panel Session: Challenges and […]


GRDC acquired licence of tNavigator

ООО “Geo Research and Development Company”, registered on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan as affiliated company of «Geo Research & Development Company» DMCC (UAE) signed License agreement with Rock Flow Dynamics. ООО “Geo Research and Development Company” realizes high-technology services for oil operating companies and investment projects.


Catch up with our latest webinar

tNavigator Geology Designer: Geology as an Integrated Reservoir Study If you missed our session on Wednesday 7th August, you can view the recording here: During this webinar we showcase the workflows available for static modelling inside tNavigator, and demonstrate how the user can seamlessly connect static and dynamic modelling inside one technology.


tNavigator 19.2 released

The key new features in tNavigator 19.2 are: • In Simulator: Multiple GPUs may be used for isothermal compositional models for vapor-liquid equilibrium, phase properties and their derivatives calculations. • In Geology Designer: – Interpolation algorithms (Kriging, SGS, SIS) may be run on GPU (GPU is used in 3D grid properties calculation Interpolation (Zones, Regions) […]


Permanent Static and Dynamic Integrated modeling for the Alekseevskoe field

The company Rock Flow Dynamics performed in 2017-2018 for Aloil works on the construction of a permanent static and dynamic integrated model of the Alekseevskoye field. The Alekseevskoye field is characterized by a complex geological structure, an extensive producing interval and a long development history. During the model building, Rock Flow Dynamics specialists reviewed the […]


Catch up with our latest webinar

Using high-resolution modeling in tNavigator to understand water influx contributions to your reservoir.


tNavigator 19.1 released

The key new features in tNavigator 19.1 are: • In simulation kernel: The support of NVLink bus between GPU in multiple GPU runs is available. This provides the speed-up in data exchange between GPU and doesn’t require PCI-E bus participation in this exchange. • In Geology Designer: – 3D velocity model calculation is available. Conversions […]


tNavigator training course in Daleel Petroleum, Oman

Muscat, February 26-27, 2019 – Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) held 2 days tNavigator training course for Daleel Petroleum (www.daleelpetroleum.com), our new client in Oman. It was introduction course for new tNavigator users. Along with basic functionality the course also covered water flooding analysis tools related to the current company’s field development needs. About Daleel Petroleum […]