Model Designer: tNavigator Pre-processor

Geologists, reservoir engineers, geoscientists and other specialists who are interested in learning tNavigator.

Reservoir engineering background.

1-2 days.

Course content:

  • Overview of Model Designer tools: tNavigator Pre-processor.
  • Starting the project from RESCUE files with grid and properties.
  • Advanced property calculator.
  • Loading well history and events, setting limits and control mode for wells, economical limits.
  • Creating of well groups, group controls.
  • Local grid editing.
  • Adding new wells.
  • Working with 2D and 3D views, histograms, 2D curves (polygons).
  • Adding aquifers.
  • PVT package. PVT experiments (DLE, CCE, CVD), phase envelope.  Standing correlation for PVT data.
  • Corey and LET correlation for relative permeabilities.
  • VFP package. Build VFP tables via correlations.
  • Starting the project from existing hydrodynamic model. Grid, property editing, PVT, RP, well production data update.
  • Working with geological and hydrodynamic model in one graphical interface.