Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty Analysis in tNavigator

Reservoir engineers, geoscientists and other specialists who are interested in learning tNavigator.

Reservoir engineering background.

1-2 days.

Course content:

  • Overview of Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty Analysis in tNavigator.
  • Experimental design: Latin Hypercube, Grid Search, Tornado.
  • Optimization algorithms: Differential evolution, Particle swam optimization (PSO), Simplex method (Nelder-Mead), Response surface (Proxy models).
  • Arbitrary objective function, taking into account RFT/MDT measurements, NPV optimization.
  • Job Queue.
  • Graphical interface: graphs, tables, histograms, cross-plots to compare model variants.
  • Typical AHM scenarios overview.
  • AHM for different geological realizations.
  • Analytics: Pearson correlation, Tornado plots.
  • P10, P50, P90 and other quantiles.
  • Forecast optimization, optimization of well position and trajectory.
  • Theory and Practical examples.