VFP Designer

VFP (Well) Designer allows the user to create a well or pipeline model for calculation of lifting tables.

  • Create and edit well geometry and construction
  • Well geometry. Load a well trajectory in standard formats: Well Path/Deviation, LAS, GWTD, etc. Copy and paste of trajectory points from a text file or a spreadsheet. Manual editing of a trajectory. Well geometry visualization (TVD and Deviation Survey) in 3D.
  • Load and visualize LAS in 3D
  • Dogleg Severity visualization allows specification of the maximum value of trajectory deviation in degrees per 30 m. A well trajectory is colored depending on its deviation level.
  • Well construction specification. Casing, tubing, perforation, squeeze, packer etc. Inflow control devices (ICD): AICD (autonomous) and SICD (spiral). Visualization of devices along well trajectory. Manual drag-and-drop addition and editing of properties of well construction objects. Creation and import of custom object catalogs.
  • Selection of parameters of well construction objects as variables for matching experimental data (pressure drop measurements).
  • Multilateral well: load and edit trajectories and construction of branches.
  • Multisegment well.
  • Pressure drop calculations. Different correlation types are available: Beggs & Brill, Hagedorn & Brown, Orkiszewski, Gray and others. Different correlations for vertical, deviated and horizontal parts of the wellbore can be specified. Friction and Hydrostatic component multiplier can be specified
  • Calculation of lifting (VFP) tables.
  • Normalization of VFP tables.
  • Entering experimental data (pressure drop measurements). Visualization of results along with the created VFP tables. Matching of tables by selected measured parameters and variables (network component settings, Friction and Hydrostatic components).
  • Creation of IPR table. Available IPR models for gas and liquid: Back pressure, Vogel, Fetkovitch, Jones, Well-PI, Well Test data
  • Integration with PVT Designer provides unified fluid properties. PVT models: black-oil, compositional and temperature effects.
  • Integration with Network Designer. Provides a well model (well trajectory, construction, VFP tables etc.)
  • All the calculations are accelerated with parallel algorithms run on all available cores of the hardware.

Integration. Full integration between VFP Designer and other tNavigator modules allows the user to calculate a separate surface network as well as surface coupled with subsurface. Integration with PVT Designer provides unified fluid properties and PVT models: black oil, compositional and temperature effects. Integration with Network Designer provides a well model (well trajectory, construction, VFP tables etc.). In Model Designer each well corresponds to a project of VFP Designer.