VFP Designer

VFP Designer allows to create lifting tables for wells and pipes.

It doesn’t require special license. VFP Designer is included in Geology Designer, Model Designer, Network Designer license.

  • Well geometry. Load well trajectory in standard formats (Well Path/Deviation, LAS, GWTD, etc.). Manual editing of a trajectory. Well geometry visualization (TVD and Deviation Survey).
  • Well construction specification. Casing, tubing, perforation, squeeze, packer. Creation and import of custom object catalogs. Selection of parameters of well construction objects as variables for matching experimental data (pressure drop measurements).
  • Integration with PVT Designer. Fluid composition: compositional properties or black oil.
  • Creation of lifting tables (VFP). Creation of tables by correlations (Beggs-Brill, Hagedorn‑Brown, Orkiszewski, Gray, etc.). Different correlations for vertical, deviated and horizontal parts of the wellbore. Friction multiplier and Hydrostatic component.
  • Normalization of VFP tables.
  • Entering the experimental data (pressure drop measurements). Visualization of the experimental measurement along with the created VFP tables.
  • Matching of tables by selected measured parameters and variables (construction elements’ settings, Friction and Hydrostatic components).
  • Export of VFP tables to a file or to Network Designer.
  • And other options are available.

All the calculations are accelerated with parallel algorithms run on all available cores of the workstation.

Integration. Usage of the combination of modules Network Designer, PVT Designer, VFP Designer provides the possibility to model surface network from wells to sink.