Thermal Compositional Simulator

This module is designed to simulate the thermal models.

Conventional syntax of input deck can be used: E300, STARS.

This module can be used with Graphical Interface module or separately as a console version on the workstation or cluster.

  • K-values for hydrocarbon components via tables or via correlation formulas (surface).
  • Four phases: oil (hydrocarbon components), gas (hydrocarbon components), water and the solid phase. Phase transitions: evaporation, condensation, dissolution, combustion, modeling of chemical reactions.
  • Support for solid phase and chemical reactions for in┬ásitu combustion process.
  • Steam injection, mixture injection (multicomponent and multiphase (WAG)).
  • Liquid phases individual component densities, viscosities as functions of temperature and pressure.
  • Enthalpies of hydrocarbon components and rock as functions of temperature.
  • Porosity dependence of temperature and pressure.
  • Thermal conductivity dependence on conductivities of mobile phases, solid phases and rock.
  • Analytical, semi-analytical and numerical aquifers.
  • Relative permeabilities scaling with respect to composition and temperature.
  • Analytical model of heat exchange with the environment.
  • Electrical heaters, thermal aquifers.
  • Steam injection, mixture injection.
  • Dual porosity, dual permeability.
  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage technology (SAGD).
  • Reservoir coupling.
  • And other options are available.

Parallel calculation is performed automatically on all available cores of the workstation or cluster nodes.

Thermal Compositional Simulator