PVT Designer

PVT Designer allows the user to create fluid model (PVT, EOS).

  • Black oil, compositional and thermal variants.
  • Components library, enter user components, calculate component properties via correlations.
  • Saturation pressure curve, Phase envelope.
  • Hydrates formation and the effect of inhibitors.
  • Consideration of non-equilibrium thermodynamic processes.
  • Supported lab Experiments: CCE, DLE, CVD, Swelling test, Grading test, Separator test.
  • Enter Samples (laboratory data). Run Regression (Matching) – Match points of experiments data (samples) for black oil and compositional models. Set weights for sample points and for experiments independently, Quality check.
  • Lumping (create pseudo-components). Use Matching for lumping.
  • Splitting of the undefined ‘plus’ fraction.
  • Blending compositions together and decontamination (subtracting a known admixture).
  • Initialization data. Grading test: composition with respect to depth.
  • Create PVT, export PVT tables to create black-oil model.
  • EOS. Export EOS data to create compositional model.
  • Thermal flash (K-values).
  • Create PVT tables via correlations for black-oil cases.