Network Designer

Network Designer allows the user to create and calculate the surface network both separately and in a fully coupled way together with the subsurface model. Network Designer is integrated with PVT Designer, Well Designer, Model Designer, Geology Designer, and Simulator.

  • Create and edit a surface network. Standard Elements Library is available and contains: well, injector, source, link, pipe, joint, pump, choke, compressor, 2-phase, and 3-phase separators, sink, Python object, gas lift object. Objects that specify upper/lower limits of phase rates and pressure for wells and groups of wells are available: automatic chokes, automatic pumps, limits.
  • Steady-state calculation of the surface network to model flow, pressure & temperature given the initial and boundary conditions. Temperature dependence. The effect of pipe burial depth.
  • Control of network correctness: detection of network parts, where a flow is absent, before running the calculation; detection of the inconsistency of heights of pipe end-points at pipe joints; control of sufficiency of the number of boundary conditions (pressure, mass flow rate).
  • Integration with PVT Designer provides unified fluid properties. PVT models: black oil, compositional and temperature effects, mixing compositional variants (EOS blend).
  • Integration with Well Designer provides VFP and IPR tables. Hydrostatic and dynamic pressure losses calculations: different correlations, temperature effects; Burial configuration effects.
  • Integration with Model Designer. When importing a model with a network into Model Designer, a Network Designer project will be automatically created and available for further editing. Loading of surface maps and automatic building of pipe profiles with sophisticated geometry.
  • Integration with Simulator. A fully implicit coupling surface with subsurface and wells is provided.
  • Various tools to analyse and visualise results in a graphical interface are available: Bubble maps, Contribution charts, etc.
  • Unified Graphical user interface (GUI) provides a synchronized visualization for integrated models “reservoir+well+surface network”.
  • All of the calculations are accelerated with parallel algorithms run on all available cores of the hardware.

Integration. At each time step a fully coupled implicit calculation of the integrated model “reservoir+well+surface network” considering the well constraints is provided by the complete integration of Network Designer, PVT Designer, VFP Designer, and Simulator.