Network Designer

Network Designer allows to create and calculate the surface network. Network Designer models the standard network objects: well, source, link, pipe, joint, pump, choke, compressor, separator, sink, and provides various tools to analyze results in graphical interface.

  • The possibility to create and calculate the surface network is available (find network characteristics in the internal points based on data specified at the boundary objects of the network). Steady-state problem is considered.
  • Integration with PVT Designer is provided. Fluid composition: compositional properties or black oil.
  • Elements Library: well, source, link, pipe, joint, pump, choke, compressor, 2-phase and 3-phase separators, sink. Flow looping.
  • Control of network correctness (Detection of network’s parts, where a flow is absent, before running calculation; detection inconsistency of heights of pipe end-points at pipe joints; control of sufficiency of the number of boundary conditions (pressure, mass flow rate); control of setting equipment characteristics required for calculations).
  • Integration with VFP Designer is provided. Create VFP and IPR tables for wells.
  • Results visualization. Graphs, bubble maps and other tools.
  • And other options are available.

All the calculations related to network calculation are accelerated with parallel algorithms run on all available cores of the workstation.

Integration. Usage of the combination of modules Network Designer, PVT Designer, VFP Designer provides the possibility to model surface network from wells to sink.