Model Designer

Model Designer (pre-processor) allows the user to create dynamic model (black oil or compositional).

This module provides local editing, loading new data and maintaining of the relevant up-to-date geological and hydrodynamic model.

  • Loading grid in standard formats, loading RESCUE files.
  • Property calculator. Local grid editing. Aquifers.
  • Load well history and events.
  • Well Rule: well groups, limits and control modes, groups limits, economical limits and other rules for wells. Well Filters.
  • Field development planning. Forecast scenarios.
  • 2D and 3D visualization, Histograms, Crossplots, Graphs.
  • Relative permeabilities (Corey and LET correlation, import).
  • PVT and EOS. Integration with PVT Designer.
  • VFP tables. Integration with VFP Designer.
  • Rock properties.
  • Equilibrium and non-equilibrium initialization.
  • Start the project from existing dynamic model. Property editing, PVT, RP, well production data update.
  • And other options are available.

All the calculations related to grid generation, properties interpolation and other are accelerated with parallel algorithms run on all available cores of the workstation.

Integration. Usage of the combination of modules Geology Designer, Model Designer, PVT Designer, VFP Designer, Simulator (black oil, compositional or thermal), Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty provides the possibility to create in one graphical interface static and dynamic model, run simulations, analyze results, do assisted history matching and uncertainty analysis.

Model Designer