Compositional Simulator

This module is designed to simulate compositional models.

Conventional syntax of input deck can be used: E300, GEM.

This module can be used with Graphical Interface module or separately as a console version on the workstation or cluster.

  • Multiple EOS (Peng-Robinson, Redlich-Kwong, Soave-Redlich-Kwong) regions.
  • CO2 injection, cycling water-gas injection.
  • Molecular diffusion, adsorption and desorption.
  • Coal bed methane (CBM).
  • Relative permeability scaling with respect to composition.
  • Special treatment for oil and gas relative permeabilities near the critical point.
  • Velocity dependent relative permeabilities.
  • Gas plants, gas fuel, sales and re-injection, multistage separators.
  • Gas field model (gas Daily Contracted Quantity – DCQ).
  • Mixture injection (multicomponent and multiphase – WAG).
  • Production and injection surface networks.
  • Segments of multi-segment wells that represent sub-critical valves.
  • Pressure maintenance regions.
  • Reservoir coupling.
  • And other options are available.

Parallel calculation is performed automatically on all available cores of the workstation or cluster nodes.

Compositional Simulator