Black Oil Simulator

Black Oil Simulator typical use cases include simulations of light oil and gas production. It supports all industry standard functionality including live oil, dead oil, and wet gas. This module can be used with the Graphical User Interface (GUI) module or separately as a console version on a workstation or HPC cluster. Input data from some third party data formats are supported.

  • General mesh formulation (NNC, LGR and coarsening, faults, pinchouts, etc.), corner point, generalized corner point, unstructured grids.
  • Dual porosity, dual permeability.
  • 3-phase relative permeabilities with end-point scaling, gravity, capillary effects, saturation, PVT, equilibrium regions.
  • API tracking, gravity drainage, nano-polymer flooding, desalination.
  • Tracer analysis, waterflood optimization, aquifers, waters with different salinities.
  • Polymers, surfactants, ASP injection, BrightWater® polymers.
  • Hysteresis, diffusion, adsorption, desorption.
  • Extensive support of hydraulic fractures.
  • Multisegment wells, group controls, aquifers including constant flux, Fetkovich, Carter-Tracy, numerical. Extended surface network option.
  • Temperature extension of black-oil to model the injection of cold or hot water.
  • D-factor, GPP controls, VFP lifting tables and correlation functions, ACTIONs, auto-drilling, support of user defined variables, arrays, extended arithmetic.
  • Fully implicit and adaptive implicit algorithms.
  • Reservoir coupling.
  • CPU+GPU processors for faster calculation.

Integration. Integration available with Model Designer, Network Designer and VFP Designer.

The simulation speed-up shown as a function of cores plotted for a workstation with dual physical CPUs.