"The multicore-optimised design of tNavigator solver opens the gates to full-field simulations on original geological fine-grid and allows bypassing detrimental upscaling procedures. The simulation time is reduced from weeks to hours."
TGT Oil and Gas Services

tNavigator Modules

tNavigator is a software package, offered as a single executable, which allows to build static and dynamic reservoir models, run dynamic simulations, calculate PVT properties of fluids, build surface network model, calculate lifting tables, and perform extended uncertainty analysis as a part of one integrated workflow. All the parts of the workflow share common proprietary internal data storage system, super-scalable parallel numerical engine (tested up to 4096 CPU and 3584 GPU cores with model sizes exceeding 1 billion active grid blocks), data input/output mechanism and graphical user interface.

tNavigator is a multi-format simulator natively supporting E100/300, IMEX/GEM/STARS, RESCUE input data formats. The format converters are embedded into the executable and provide on-the-fly conversion of input data decks into the internal data storage system.

tNavigator is a multiplatform software application written in C++, CUDA and can be installed on Linux, Unix, Windows (64-bit) OS and run on systems with shared and distributed memory layout as a console or GUI (local or remote) based application.

tNavigator package contains the following 8 functional modules licensed separately:

The following two modules are included in other modules and don’t require special license: