tNavigator Integrated Solutions

tNavigator is the first integrated-by-design reservoir management software – connecting interpretation, geomodeling, PVT, well modeling, simulation and surface networks within one interface.

By reducing the need for 6 software programs down to 1, all data and knowledge stays in a single platform, increasing performance and efficiency. tNavigator’s integrated solution offers unrivaled simulation speed and scalability – for game changing, integrated affordable reservoir management.

Because when all of the pieces come together, performance is transformative.


  • Workflow based integrated reservoir modeling: geological model + dynamic model + wellbore model + PVT + surface networks + history matching + uncertainty analysis
  • Seamless integration across the workflow
  • Benefits include: working with the latest data, intuitive and easy to use


  • Fully coupled, fully implicit reservoir simulation and surface network modeling
  • Cost efficient: work from 1 interface, not 6
  • Time efficiency with CPU and GPU
  • Works where you want to work: laptop, workstation, cluster or cloud


  • Ultimate simulation performance with multiple CPU and GPU computing
  • CPU/GPU hybrid simulation engine to optimize usage of your computing environment
  • GPU can deliver up to 10 times speed-up on model calculation versus CPU only


  • Advanced static modeling with geology designer: seismic interpretation + petrophysics + well correlations + complex faults + advanced grids accelerated with parallel computing
  • Fully coupled, fully implicit modeling of reservoir and surface network for improved fidelity and speed
  • Always working off the latest information

tNavigator’s integrated solution provides insight throughout your workflow, from interpretation to surface network modeling. With full visibility, errors and wasted time are reduced, and a better outcome is achieved.

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