I have been using tNavigator as my go to simulator for both my history matching and forecasting exercises on our complex 3-phase dual-porosity carbonate field. Thanks to the robustness of the methodology tNav implements for numerical convergence, tNav allows the user to take advantage of having large degrees of freedom for optimizing their simulation run time without jeopardizing the stability of their models. I highly recommend tNavigator for any Reservoir Engineer actively involved in day to day simulation.

Yaseen Grimen, Senior Reservoir Engineer, DNO (Norway)

В настоящее время «tNavigator» используется в нашем филиале для оценки качества построения геолого-технологических моделей и геонавигационного сопровождения бурения. За время использования нашими специалистами был отмечен удобный интерфейс, высокая скорость расчетов, оперативная и качественная работа службы технической поддержки. Стоит отметить, что в случае необходимости, специалистами «Рок Флоу Динамикс», организовывались видео конференции, на которых более детально рассматривались возникшие вопросы.

Также выражаем благодарность за оперативное предоставление «облачных» лицензий, которые позволяли осуществлять выполнение необходимых работ в период самоизоляции.

Благодарим компанию «Рок Флоу Динамикс» за профессионализм и надеемся на дальнейшее плодотворное сотрудничество.

Владислав Золотухин, Заместитель начальника Отдела моделирования месторождений и интерпретации геолого-геофизической информации, НПФ «Инжиниринговый центр» ООО «Газпром недра»

В нашей компании используем tNavigator не первый год. Отличный продукт, обладающий феноменальной скоростью расчета по сравнению с другими ведущими гидродинамическими симуляторами, с удобным, продуманным интерфейсом, позволяет быстро подготавливать качественную графику для анализа процессов разработки залежей. Также хочется отметить безукоризненную работу технической поддержки RFD. Оперативные и грамотные ответы компетентных специалистов помогают в кратчайшие сроки решать возникающие проблемы. Отдельную благодарность выражаем за помощь в условиях настоящей эпидемиологической обстановки в мире в обеспечении работоспособности лицензий на удаленных рабочих местах для наших специалистов.

Спасибо за понимание и за Ваши усилия.

Максим Присяжнюк, Начальник отдела создания и мониторинга гидродинамических моделей, Филиал ООО «ЛУКОЙЛ-Инжиниринг» «ПермНИПИнефть»

I have been working with TNav and the RDF team for four years.

When I first started using TNav on a trial basis, I ended up using it exclusively as I realised it produced the same results as our existing software but much faster, allowing me to meet an important deadline which I would have struggled to otherwise meet.

The interface was basic but had the essential features a reservoir engineer needs. It is now much more sophisticated, feeling like a fully integrated package, having been continuously developed over the past four years.

The help desk are technically excellent and very helpful. From day one I had hands on help in the office despite only being on a trial license at the time. Covid-19 has almost improved this experience as it has become more acceptable to schedule a helpdesk video conference, often at a moment’s notice.

Dealing with RDF feels honest and direct. They are there to help us perform better in every way. Pricing is transparent and you don’t feel you have to review PO’s under a microscope for any catches.

Neil Costeloe, Chief Reservoir Engineer, Independent Oil and Gas Plc (United Kingdom)

As operator of the Draugen field, OKEA was eager to test an alternative simulation tool on our existing reservoir models.

The generosity of RFD with respect to offering a trial license and technical support in customizing our existing simulation model was much appreciated. As it turned out, very few modifications of the input deck were necessary.

Results from our tests were impressive, both in terms of user friendliness of the GUI, accuracy of the calculations and CPU performance. Consequently, we’re now a regular customer of RFD and have integrated tNav into our workflows.

Thomas Lerdahl, VP Reservoir and Production Technology, OKEA AS (Norway)

The response time and the level of expertise are just phenomenal. I also find the tailored short video clips and numerous available tutorials, for virtually every problem I have encountered, very helpful.

Dr Artem Kotenev, Chief Development Specialist, LUKOIL Overseas North Shelf AS (Norway)

tNavigator is a powerful simulator which supports third party data input formats. The user interface is friendly which makes it efficient and easy to use. It is the best value for money on the market today.

Laurent Ghilardini, Reservoir Engineer, Vermilion Energy

Many thanks for the quick turnaround and exemplar technical support! It is working again and the WLO is running as I type! Your fast service means a lot to us, as it is the enabler for us to deliver to our stakeholders!

Bruno Roussennac, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Shell

It was my company’s first time to use cloud computing services for the reservoir simulation. RFD cloud configuration made the experience seamless. There were some simulation problems arising – mostly due to the fact that my experience with tNavigator is fairly new and we are running large and complex DPDP models – RFD would always be available with excellent helpdesk support. In fact this level of professional support stands out among simulation software vendors.

Lukasz Wrobel, Reservoir Engineer, TAQA Global

The RFD team is always responsive and provides an excellent service. The compatibility of tNavigator with other industry standards is highly advantageous and the software itself performs very well with improved run times that help make smart work of sensitivity analysis.

Rebecca Maguire, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Summit Exploration and Production Limited

Truly believe RFD has the answer all simulation engineers have long dreamed of in a set software tools designed to simulate reservoir / well behavior; when I reflect on my career, we were (in the beginning) cavemen with stone tools (working on a TSO terminal submitting MVS jobs and reviewing 1 foot thick printout, nothing graphic) and now with tNav one cruises the galaxies aboard the Enterprise…………

Tom Thrasher, Western Gas

I have had a chance to test the tNavigator program for several years. tNavigator has grown from a simple fast dynamic simulator to a full package; covering seismic, static & dynamic modelling, PVT, well and network modelling. We decided to purchase a license and haven’t regretted it. tNavigator has good documentation, fantastic support, flexible options for modelling and is fast, thus we can spend more time analyzing results.

Anuar Ishniyazov, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Focus Petroleum Services

“I have been using tNavigator for several projects and it has made my work much more efficient.  From my experience tNav is not only fast but really easy to use and I have found the technical support second to none.  Quite simply I think tNavigator is best in class.  A real game changer”.

Sheena Stevenson, Senior Reservoir Engineer, EnQuest, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

tNavigator has been a necessity in enabling our team to plan and successfully drill 6 horizontal wells in the past 6 months. It’s versatility and speed has allowed a fast but detailed progression of well placement and planning for effective reservoir development which would not have been possible on our previous software within the same timeframe. On top of this the technical and commercial staff at RFD have been more than helpful from day one – thank you.

Andrew Moore, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Cabot Energy Plc

We have been very impressed by the quality of the help desk support from the RFD office in Aberdeen. The staff are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, and while the software is intuitive, I have no doubt that their assistance has saved us time. The software ‘does what it says on the tin’ and does it very well. On top that, RFD are very receptive to suggestions for new and improved features.

Iain M Campbell, Reservoir Manager, I3 Energy

“The tNavigator tool has allowed us to streamline our subsurface workflows – we have been able to rapidly identify optimal drilling locations, run sensitivities and sense-check results through an intuitive and user-friendly GUI interface. The RFD team have been very helpful whenever problems arise, and respond quickly to any technical feedback. We hope it keeps getting better!”

Calum Hunter, Petroleum Engineering Manager, Ping Petroleum, United Kingdom

«I used tNavigator for several projects and was really impressed with the accuracy of results and the speed of calculations. My last project was a complex oil field to history match, with several producers as well as gas and water injectors. The run time using a third-party simulator was 36 hrs with single core and 1 hour with 20 cores (parallel). With tNavigator, the run time was reduced to ½ hour! (using GPU). Results were rigorously identical».

Nolwenn Perzo, Staff Reservoir Engineer, OPC, London, United Kingdom


“RFD provides a powerful tool ‘t-Navigator’ that every reservoir engineer should have. Using t-Navigator, we have managed to complete geological to dynamic modelling study within few weeks. t-Navigator has a user-friendly interface that helps engineers to build a simple geological sector model which can be fit for purpose for engineering use. And RFD’s support team is great help when we get stuck.”

Heikki Jutila, Technical Director, Phoenix RDS Ltd, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

«Хочу поблагодарить Вас за хорошую поддержку и помощь в использовании программного комплекса tNavigator и оставить свои положительные отзывы о данном продукте. В настоящее время в своей работе, я использую tNavigator для создания секторных моделей и расчета на их основе множества вариантов закачки АСП на Салымской группе месторождений. Очень дружелюбный интерфейс и высокая скорость расчетов данного продукта мне позволяют выполнить достаточно сложные расчеты с максимальной скоростью, а также оформить графический материал в высоком качестве.»

Светлана Волгина, инженер-разработчик, Salym Petroleum

«tNavigator has been a great help for our research and teaching. This year, I had six honours students who used tNav for their theses! I have also used tNav for my latest journal publication and using it for the OLYMPUS Optimization challenge. Thanks for all the support. It is really appreciated.»

Mohammad Sayyafzadeh, Petroleum Engineering Lecturer at University of Adelaide

“We have been gladly surprised by tNav performance. From our experience tNav is very versatile and fast. The visualization interface for initialization, history match and prediction results is highly user friendly. The optimization in computational resources and processing speed offered by tNav have allowed us to perform in a very reasonable timeframe a variety of scenarios such as: Assisted History Match and uncertainty analysis to identify key variables controlling reservoir performance in black oil aquifer –driven reservoirs. It is relevant to highly the significant and constant efforts made by tNav to improve their software features and compatibility with other reservoir geoscience and engineering softwares available in the market. Last but not least, we are very satisfied with the software technical and commercial support. The speed of quality of these are remarkable.”

Adriana Patricia Romero, Diana Mancilla, Juan Felipe Andrade, Reservoir Engineers, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

«Выражаю огромную благодарность компании Рок Флоу Диниамикс за уникальную возможность использования tNavigator через облачный сервис Amazon. По настоящему революционный продукт! Я запускал расчеты через Интернет во время своего путешествия по миру на кластере Amazon. Одновременно можно запускать несколько сценариев и в любой момент увеличить скорость расчета за счет использования дополнительных вычислительных узлов. В результате мои клиенты получают информацию быстрее, тем самым экономя драгоценное время! Больше всего меня привлекает, что оплата взимается исключительно за используемые вычислительные ресурсы. И я знаю, будь то простая модель или сложная, я всегда могу посчитать ее в tNavigator с помощью облачного сервиса Amazon».

Martin Soh, Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Minds

«Уважаемый, Василий Георгиевич!

Настоящим письмом хочу поблагодарить Вас и команду РфД в Хьюстоне.

           С помощью tNavigator мы построили модель газового месторождения для одного из наших консалтинговых проектов и были приятно удивлены тем, как легко и быстро мы справились с такой задачей, используя новый продукт компании РфД — Дизайнер Моделей. По-моему мнению, это весьма эффективный инструмент с интуитивно-понятным интерфейсом, выполняющим расчеты на лету. Нам потребовалась половина рабочего дня, чтобы построить геологическую сетку, которая учитывает геометрию разломов и поверхностей, верно определить статические и динамические свойства модели, скорректировать модель в соответствии с установленными запасами, запустить модель на гидродинамический расчет. Данный проект нам помогал выполнить инженер технической поддержки компании РфД, который был великолепен!

Стоит отметить, что у нас не было предшествующего опыта работы с tNavigator. Как опытный пользователь с 20-летним стажем геологических и гидродинамических пакетов, я могу сказать, что Дизайнер Моделей имеет уникальную комбинацию инструментов в сочетании с исключительной простотой использования, что позволяет продукту занимать лидирующую позицию среди конкурирующих пакетов моделирования.

Текущее развитие промышленности вступило в новую эпоху конкуренции: делать больше с наименьшими затратами; делать больше гидродинамических расчетов, задействовав при этом минимум финансовых и людских ресурсов. И Ваш продукт абсолютно точно соответствует этому лозунгу.

Желаю Вам и компании РфД, которую Вы возглавляете, всего наилучшего!»

Искандер Дияшев, Президент Goragovo Energy Engineering Corporation
ранее: Главный инженер Сибирской Нефтяной компании
ранее: член совета Директоров Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

“Occasionally someone comes along with a truly new approach. And is usually met with disbelief, because the status quo is always more comfortable. With over 35 years experience in reservoir simulation, I would like to say, that tNavigator have created this Eureka moment and have taken simulation into the 21st century. Superfast processing comes with synchronised GUI for maps, line graphs and well diplays; it allows for immediate timestep by timestep analysis of the history match in progress. Stop/Retrace/Start technology allows for ad hoc intervention during a run, alleviating the need to wait to the last timestep; effectively conducting multiple runs in one. Interogation of the results is so improved, that one now considers whole new data, which were previously left untouched. Truly a game changer!»

Bruce Stevens, Reservoir Engineering Consultant, EnQuest

“The tNavigator technology represents a game-changer for us compared to other reservoir simulation software in our organization.  We not only can tackle far more complex reservoir models with the software, but we are also able to fully exploit the exceptional speed of tNavigator in combination with our assisted history matching software to significantly reduce project cycle times.  This in turn has made reservoir simulation a much more valuable tool to our organization.”

Larry Murray. Manager, Waterflood Modeling, Occidental Oil and Gas California Operations

“Having been a user of reservoir simulation for over 30 years, I was looking for the next step change in technology that allowed us to do the things we wanted to do, at the resolution we wanted, in an acceptable timeframe and at reasonable cost. RFD achieved this, and I’m sure will achieve a significant part of the reservoir simulation marketplace as others realise that this is a step change in the performance/price value driver.”

Steve Flew, Technical Director, Petrofac Malaysia

“AGR have been very impressed with tNavigator. By utilising all of the computing power available in today’s multi-core workstations with a single license we have seen significant reductions in simulation time in a variety of models. This will aid in generating a more comprehensive range of development scenarios for a range of projects. A lot of hurdles that other simulator packages have “because that’s the way it’s always been” have been overcome with tNavigator, such as the ability to pause & step-in and make changes at any timestep. This, coupled with a straightforward GUI and compatibility with multiple simulator decks, makes it a very versatile and efficient tool for ourselves and our clients. With excellent user support from the team here in the UK and development centre in Russia, RFD have shown a willingness to take on board ideas and suggestions to optimise workflows together.”

Peter Roberts, Reservoir Engineer, AGR TRACS International Ltd

«I have been using tNavigator on one of the largest field development projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf since the mid-eighties. The purpose of the simulation study was to investigate future-phase development scenarios and to perform a sensitivity analysis on facilities locations and processing constraints, including production and injection network modeling.

tNavigator turned out to be a major leap forward in terms of computation time, without compromising simulation quality and accuracy. The usage of tNavigator allowed me to run large numbers of simulations simultaneously, be able to QC results the same day, to fine-tune and start new simulations before going home. In this way I was able to almost quadruple the amount of scenarios to investigate.»

Paul Tijink, Lead Reservoir Engineer

«I’ve used the tNavigator for a while now for our polymer study, but also other simulations since it’s so fast and it fits nicely into our Petrel workflow. It’s so intuitive that none of us had to attend any training course.»

Geir–Magnus Sæternes, Reservoir Engineer, Lundin Petroleum Norway
(Source: «The First«)

“With tNavigator we managed to reduce the simulation time of the Samotlor field model from one day to 39 minutes. It completely changes the approach to development planning and waterflood optimization of this huge brown field.”

“RFD reduced the complexity of routine operations with the models to the general PC user level”

Vladislav Dzyuba, Director of Reservoir Modeling, TNK-BP

“We’ve been mainly using the tNav simulator for heterogeneous petroleum reservoirs of low, to very low, permeability; in primary and secondary recovery.

Our experience so far has been very positive, both, for its main functions and many of its complementary features.

It’s high speed processing has allowed us to simulate models with a great quantity of cells, increasing the model resolution. This way we were able, for example, represent in detail the stratigraphic characteristics that control the dynamic behavior in the reservoirs we are working on.

The simulator Assisted History Matching procedures allowed us to get, in short times, «adjusted reservoir characteristics».

The use of the Split & Merge Module was very useful, enabling us to achieve the required flexibility in our workflow.

The explicit simulation of the well hydraulic fractures has granted us the possibility to achieve a better History Matching and, as a result, more accurate forecasts in complex low permeability and high heterogeneity reservoirs.

Being a finite difference simulator, tNav has good numerical convergence but also has the ability to express the results in 3D Streamlines. This has enabled us to optimize Secondary Recovery Volumetric Efficiencies. To the above it is added the so-called «Management Waterflooding» that optimizes the flow of water injection in the Secondary Recovery Processes.

Finally we have found in tNAV an excellent tool for the simulation of complex fields, saving time and money in the reservoir management of the field development and exploitation.”

Mirta Córdoba de Galacho, Technical Director, MG&A Oil&Gas

“tNavigator is applied to a model of complex multizone gas condensate reservoir. It exhibits parallel acceleration of over 100 times on our 256-core cluster compared to single core runs. This allows our reservoir engineers to try many different production forecast scenarios each day”

Alexey Yazkov, Deputy Director, NOVATEK Research and Development Center

«I would like to express my appreciation for RFD’s outstanding support and thank your development team for adding surfactant modeling capabilities to tNavigator. Use of this feature in our simulation work has advanced our understanding of surfactant flooding potential in the Spraberry oil field in West Texas.»

Oil and gas exploration and production company

“tNavigator became a software of choice for reservoir studies carried by TGT Oil & Gas Services company and Sofoil company in 15 countries, including Russia, USA, South-East Asia and Middle East. The multicore-optimised design of tNavigator solver opens the gates to full-field simulations on original geological fine-grid and allows bypassing detrimental upscaling procedures. The simulation time is reduced from weeks to hours.

The time and space resolution of sector modelling has substantially increased and now avails very accurate side-track modelling and production forecast which form the basement for drilling justification.

The enhanced computation speed allows simulating short-term pressure responses with tiny time steps and micro-fine grid, which opens new horizons in cross-well pressure pulse testing and account the actual geology of the area, actually well locations and trajectories, actual production history and interference between wells.”

“tNavigator is the first software on the market to provide user-friendly calibration facility for the holes where along-hole flux profile has been measured, which allows integration of time-lapse production logging data into a reservoir model and corresponding changes over time.”

Arthur Aslanyan, CTO, TGT Oil and Gas Services

“tNavigator makes the reservoir models in our company practical for engineers in the field. They are able to perform a thorough analysis of the reservoir dynamics and make their everyday decisions without years of experience with reservoir modeling software.”

Yuri Krasnevsky, VP of Geology, Bashneft

“…This study shows that high-resolution fine-scale reservoir simulation can be used to improve modeling and understanding of interactions between the matrix and fracture systems of the Spraberry. The use of a reservoir simulator optimized for processing on multi-thread, multi-core CPUs makes possible reservoir studies using high resolution models that were once impractical due to lengthy run-times.”

Conclusions, SPE-168723-MS