Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithm and Discrete Cosine Transformation Components Influence on Assisted History Matching Performance

F.S. Al-Jenaibi, ADNOC; K.I. Shelepov, M.A. Kuzevanov, E.D. Gusarov, K.Y. Bogachev, Rock Flow Dynamics
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Flow Through Fractured Reservoirs Under Geological and Geomechancial Uncertainty

B. Steffens, V. Demyanov, G. Couples, D. Arnold, H. Lewis, Heriot-Watt University
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Numerical Simulation of Reservoir Salt Dissolution Using Fully Implicit Scheme Within Isothermal Compositional Model of Hydrocarbon Filtration

Kirill Bogachev, Sergey Milyutin, Vladimir Nazarov, Rock Flow Dynamics
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Fully Coupled Geomechanics Approach to Determine Critical Wellbore Intervals

V. Shelkov, K. Bogachev, E. Piskovskiy, G. Piatsky, Rock Flow Dynamics
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High-Performance Reservoir Simulations on Modern CPU-GPU Computational Platforms

K. Bogachev, S. Milyutin, A. Telishev, V. Nazarov, V. Shelkov, D. Eydinov:  Rock Flow Dynamics

O. Malinur, S. Hinneh: WellCome Energy.


Geostatistical history matching – A zonation-based approach using direct sequential simulation

Barrela, E., Azevedo, L. & Demyanov, V. EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Extended abstract , Jun 2017

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Many-objective optimization algorithm applied to history matching

Hutahaean, J. J. J., Demyanov, V. & Christie, M. A. 13 Feb 2017 2016 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI).IEEE

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Alexey Telishev, Kirill Bogachev, Vasilii Shelkov, Dmitry Eydinov, Hau Tran (Rock Flow Dynamics).   Hybrid Approach to Reservoir Modeling Based on Modern CPU and GPU Computational Platforms. SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, 16-18 October 2017.

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Roman Omelchenko (California Resources Corporation) | Guanglan Wang (California Resources Corporation) | Doug Klepacki (California Resources Corporation) | Marc Cooper (California Resources Corporation) Waterflood Planning and Piloting in a Tight Sandstone with Stimulated Wells: Buena Vista Nose Case Study. SPE Western Regional Meeting, 23-27 April, 2017, Bakersfield, California.
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Hamidreza Hamdi (University of Calgary) | Mario Costa Sousa (University of Calgary) | Hamid Behmanesh (Anderson Thompson Reservoir Strategies) Bayesian History-Matching and Probabilistic Forecasting for Tight and Shale Wells. SPE Unconventional Resources Conference, 15-16 February, 2017, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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