Multivariate Spatial Temporal Model of Gas Dynamic in Underground Gas Storage Based on Saturation Parameter from Well Logging Data

Degterev Anton, Rock Flow Dynamics
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New Solution in Integrated Asset Modeling for Multi Reservoirs Coupling

Kirill Bogachev, Aleksei Grishin, Evgeny Piskovskiy, Vladislav Erofeev, Rock Flow Dynamics
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Huff-n-Puff (HNP) Pilot Design in Shale Reservoirs Using Dual-Porosity, Dual-Permeability Compositional Simulations

H. Hamdi, C.R. Clarkson, A. Esmail, M. Costa Sousa
University of Calgary; Encana Corporation; Rock Flow Dynamics Inc.
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Optimization of Oil Production in an Oil Rim Reservoir Using Numerical Simulation with Focus on IOR/EOR Application

Maroua Jaoua, University of Leoben; Mohsen Rafiee, Wintershall Dea GmbH
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A Semianalytical Approach for Analysis of Wells Exhibiting Multiphase Transient Linear Flow: Application to Field Data

Hamidreza Hamdi, University of Calgary; Hamid Behmanesh, NCS Multistage; Christopher R. Clarkson, University of Calgary
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Single Comprehensive Environment for Interpretation, Static and Dynamic Modeling

Joe Lynch, Vasilii Shelkov, Rock Flow Dynamics
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Grid and Fluid Independent Description for Multilateral Horizontal Well in Dynamic Simulation

Kirill Bogachev, Evgeny Piskovskiy, Vladislav Erofeev, Rock Flow Dynamics
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Numerical Simulation of Non-Equilibrium Phase Behaviour of Hydrocarbons for Modelling Gas and Gas Condensate Fields

F.S. Al-Jenaibi, ADNOC; K.Y. Bogachev, S.V. Milyutin, S.A. Zemtsov, E.D. Gusarov, M.A. Kuzevanov, Rock Flow Dynamics; I.M. Indrupskiy, OGRI RAS
official source

A Pragmatic Approach to Reservoir Simulation Optimisation Under Uncertainty

M. Kathrada, PETRONAS; K. Ishak, Rock Flow Dynamics
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Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty Analysis Workflow for a Large Oilfield in Middle East

A.M. Ismail, M.N. Al Obaidi, Y. Hazem, ADNOC ONSHORE; K.Y. Bogachev, E.D. Gusarov, M.A. Kuzevanov, K. Shelepov, Rock Flow Dynamics LLC
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