Grid and Fluid Independent Description for Multilateral Horizontal Well in Dynamic Simulation

Kirill Bogachev, Evgeny Piskovskiy, Vladislav Erofeev, Rock Flow Dynamics
official source

Numerical Simulation of Non-Equilibrium Phase Behaviour of Hydrocarbons for Modelling Gas and Gas Condensate Fields

F.S. Al-Jenaibi, ADNOC; K.Y. Bogachev, S.V. Milyutin, S.A. Zemtsov, E.D. Gusarov, M.A. Kuzevanov, Rock Flow Dynamics; I.M. Indrupskiy, OGRI RAS
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A Pragmatic Approach to Reservoir Simulation Optimisation Under Uncertainty

M. Kathrada, PETRONAS; K. Ishak, Rock Flow Dynamics
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Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty Analysis Workflow for a Large Oilfield in Middle East

A.M. Ismail, M.N. Al Obaidi, Y. Hazem, ADNOC ONSHORE; K.Y. Bogachev, E.D. Gusarov, M.A. Kuzevanov, K. Shelepov, Rock Flow Dynamics LLC
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Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithm and Discrete Cosine Transformation Components Influence on Assisted History Matching Performance

F.S. Al-Jenaibi, ADNOC; K.I. Shelepov, M.A. Kuzevanov, E.D. Gusarov, K.Y. Bogachev, Rock Flow Dynamics
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Flow Through Fractured Reservoirs Under Geological and Geomechancial Uncertainty

B. Steffens, V. Demyanov, G. Couples, D. Arnold, H. Lewis, Heriot-Watt University
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Numerical Simulation of Reservoir Salt Dissolution Using Fully Implicit Scheme Within Isothermal Compositional Model of Hydrocarbon Filtration

Kirill Bogachev, Sergey Milyutin, Vladimir Nazarov, Rock Flow Dynamics
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Fully Coupled Geomechanics Approach to Determine Critical Wellbore Intervals

V. Shelkov, K. Bogachev, E. Piskovskiy, G. Piatsky, Rock Flow Dynamics
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High-Performance Reservoir Simulations on Modern CPU-GPU Computational Platforms

K. Bogachev, S. Milyutin, A. Telishev, V. Nazarov, V. Shelkov, D. Eydinov:  Rock Flow Dynamics

O. Malinur, S. Hinneh: WellCome Energy.


Geostatistical history matching – A zonation-based approach using direct sequential simulation

Barrela, E., Azevedo, L. & Demyanov, V. EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Extended abstract , Jun 2017

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