tNavigator ranked in top 2020 International Technological Achievements in China

China National Petroleum Corporation, the country’s largest oil and gas producer, recently published a list in which tNavigator is ranked #3 of the top 2020 International Technological Achievements for its high efficiency in reservoir modeling and simulation.

Overall, the rating consisted of 10 achievements in the field of oil and gas technologies. The selection and evaluation committee included 63 scientific fellows and industry experts from CNPC, research institutions, technology companies, and universities in the Chinese Oil & Gas industry.

The article, published in the China Petroleum Daily, also notes the main features of the tNavigator software package, for which it received third place in the top ten. Among them: reservoir simulation for models of tens of millions of cells to billions of cells, calculation speed, comprehensive functionality of the uncertainty analysis module, which allows saving time and costs, and shorten decision cycle.

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