tNavigator 4.0.1 is now released

New version tNavigator 4.0.1 is now available. The list of improvements includes:

  • Improved numerical schemes for compositional simulations
  • Multiple equations of state for different regions in compositional models
  • API tracking
  • Multiphase injection options (parameter MULTI for keywords WCONINJE, WCONINJH, WCONINJP)
  • Simplified network model (GNETPUMP, GRUPNET)
  • Explicit definition of the grid geometry for LGR models
  • VFP tables for compositional models
  • New developments in the geological module (map calculator, marker editing options, coordinate system editing for grid definitions, export and run options for the simulation models)
  • Assisted history matching and uncertainty model improvements (integer parameters, history matching with relative permeability in Corey shape, analysis tools)
  • Remote GUI for cluster runs has been improved
  • Component production rates for compositional models in GUI
  • New LGR visualization features
  • New cross-plots for historical and simulation values in different model regions

The full list of improvements can be found inĀ the release notes.

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