tNavigator 20.1 released

Rock Flow Dynamics has released a new software version, which implements many improvements and additions. tNavigator 20.1 is available now for users.

The key new features in tNavigator 20.1 are:

• Default settings of simulator have been changed:
– A new calculation mode has been implemented: equations for wells with a large number of perforations are saved in the Jacobi matrix as separate equations. This significantly speeds up the calculation of models with hydraulic fractures. Since version 20.1 it is not needed to enable the option WELLEQUATIONS as it is done automatically, and only for the wells with a large number of perforations.
– The following default parameters are modified:
* Default value of TOLVARWELL is equal to 1 (100% of well rates variation per step).
* DTPRED option is switched on for thermal models.
– A new option to reduce material balance error on Newton iteration has been implemented (keyword RUNCTRL option MBERRCTRL).

• FULLIMP calculation is supported for compositional models in full GPU mode (option GPU_MODE=4).

• In workflow of Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty module the following options are available: loops for variants in the group may be created; one experiment may be started from the results of another; string variables in the objects names may be used.

• In Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty module any calculated parameters (rates, watercut, etc) may be visualized on 2D using MDS and PCA. Variants may be clusterized by any parameters taking into account selected time interval.

• In Geology Designer and Model Designer the tree of Geometrical objects is updated:
Object filter is available to show/hide objects by type.

• Workflows of Network Designer, Well Designer and PVT Designer may be called from the workflow in Model Designer and Geology Designer.

• In Geology Designer object-based simulation has been implemented.

• In Network Designer Size (maximum/minimum length) and segment deviation angle may be set for multisegment well model.

• In PVT Designer Herning and Zipperer (HZYT) correlation is supported for viscosity calculation.

• Geology and Model Designer may be used in view results mode using the license of Graphical Interface.
In this mode it is possible to view data, saving changes is not available.

• Network Designer can be started on cluster systems. The license of Network Designer is required for each cluster node to run integrated model on cluster (previously Network Designer used to run on just one node, so only one Network Designer license was required for the master node).

A full list of improvements can be downloaded from the link

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