tNavigator 19.3 released

The key new features in tNavigator 19.3 are:

  • tNavigator kernel:
  • Full GPU version is available for black oil models.

  • Geology Designer:
  • New interpolation algorithms are available — TGS (Truncated Gaussian Simulation) and Convergent.

  • Model Designer:
  • Well pattern templates may be used to add new wells.

  • PVT Designer:
  • Li critical temperature coefficient may be set in compositional variants to calculate critical point temperature.

  • AHM and Uncertainty module:
  • Several scenarios of adding variables to the workflow are introduced in Model Designer. Variables the user can select are: RP parameters, equilibration parameters, property multipliers by regions.

  • VFP Designer:
  • New object is available – Pressure Gauge.

  • Network Designer:
  • New object is available – Gas lift; gaslift network may be built.

The full list of improvements can be found here

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