tNavigator 19.1 released

The key new features in tNavigator 19.1 are:

• In simulation kernel: The support of NVLink bus between GPU in multiple GPU runs
is available. This provides the speed-up in data exchange between GPU and doesn’t
require PCI-E bus participation in this exchange.

• In Geology Designer:
– 3D velocity model calculation is available. Conversions from time to depth and
depth to time. Transfer of seismic horizons and faults from time to depth using
velocity model.
– Embedded help has been added to calculations of Geology Designer.

• In Model Designer: The possibility to customize page settings to print and create screenshots
in workflow is available.

• In PVT Designer: A procedure of EOS blend is implemented. It creates a common
compositional model for multiple different variants using the adaptive splitting of the
original components into standard ones.

• In VFP Designer: New elements for well construction: a pull (keyword WSEGPULL)
and a down-hole separator (keyword WSEGSEP) have been added.

• In AHM and Uncertainty: The possibility to create a Proxy model using a neural network
is available.

• In Network Designer: New object – Autochoke has been added. It provides the pressure
drop required for convergence of system of integrated equations.

• In license server: Cryptographic protection is supported for the license server access
(HTTPS protocol).

The full list of improvements can be found here.


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