tNavigator 18.4 released

Key improvements in 18.4

tNavigator kernel:

    • Local grid refinements getting progressively finer in the vicinity of the fracture are introduced for XYZ fractures.
    • Default setting of results saving was changed for models in E1/E3 format, if none of the command line options or keywords (RPTRST, etc.) related to selective writing of the results were specified.

Before: all grid properties were recorded on all steps. Now: grid properties will be recorded only on the first and last step. For IM, ST, GE: grid properties are still recorded on all steps.


Geology Designer:

    • Grid coarsening with corresponding property upscaling is introduced.
    • Multi Point Simulation computation is available, which allows to perform interpolation by using multi point statistics method.
    • Velocity cubes from checkshot data can be computed.


Model Designer:

    • Import of hydraulic fracture data in GOHFER format.
    • Entering of hydraulic fracture parameters in tabular form.


PVT Designer:
Thermal variants are supported.


Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty module:
Multitarget optimization by particle swarm method is supported.


VFP Designer:
Integration with Model Designer is supported. Each well in the Model Designer corresponds to a project in VFP Designer.


Network Designer:
Integration with Model Designer is supported. When a dynamic model is loaded to Model Designer, a corresponding Network Designer project is created automatically.

The full list of improvements can be found here.

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