tNavigator 18.2 released

Key modifications of 18.2

  • Integration of modules:    Simulator, Network Designer, VFP Designer to build integrated models of reservoir-surface network.
  • Simulator:    speed up in compositional model calculation by using vector instructions of CPU+GPU processors.
  • Simulator:    different set of LGRs for restart models can now be added.
  • Geology Designer:    an experiment for Geology Designer tables may be created without building a complete hydrodynamic model. This allows to perform a complete uncertainty analysis for geological parameters.
  • Geology Designer:    is now able to operate multiple grids for one project.
  • PVT Designer:    gas hydrates curve is calculated and shown on Phase Envelope.
  • Model Designer:    Cases Manager lets you to organize and manage model cases, assign them different options in RUNSPEC, GRID, PROPS, SOLUTION sections, add development strategies.

The full list of improvements can be found here.

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