tNavigator 18.1 released

We are pleased to announce that tNavigator 18.1 is now released and available for users.

Key modifications of 18.1

  • Simulator. Hydraulic fracture model based on LGR and changing rock properties in SRV (Stimulated Rock Volume) zone and fracture zone (FRACTURE_PLANE, FRACTURE_TEMPLATE, FRACTURE_WELL, FRACTURE_STAGE etc.)


  • Simulator. In CPU+GPU calculation NVidia® Volta® cards are supported.


  • Model Designer. Graphical Interface. According to the active development of  Model Designer functionality all pre-processing options will be moved from simulator graphical interface to Model Designer. Simulator graphical interface will be used for post-processing results. In 18.1 the following functionality has been moved from graphical interface to Model Designer:

– RP editing with mouse holding Shift button;

– Conversion of table RP to Corey and LET correlation;

– Introducing of proppant properties table;

– Introducing of flow function.

The full list of improvements can be found here

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