Rock Flow Dynamics Indonesia is the official partner & sponsor for IPFEST 2021

Rock Flow Dynamics Indonesia is proud and humbled to be the official partner & sponsor for “Plan of Development” Competition for IPFEST 2021! Integrated Petroleum Festival (IPFEST) consists of a series of events and competitions with the main theme of “Applying Data Science to Transform Energy Industry”. This event acts as a platform for energy enthusiasts to collaborate, share, and develop themselves. In the said Plan of Development Competition, participants will take part in the event to increase the ability to decide the best model of millions of possible models that occurs in a field by using tNavigator. tNavigator is able to solve complex problems – quickly, reliably, and robustly. Large & small models; conventional & unconventional; offshore & onshore; black oil, compositional or thermal.

tNavigator is a single environment for seismic, geology, geomechanics, reservoir engineering, PVT, wellbore, and surface network modelling. No time wasted or data lost moving between applications.

Thank you IPFEST 2021 for this opportunity & good luck to all joining participants!

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