Permanent Static and Dynamic Integrated modeling for the Alekseevskoe field

The company Rock Flow Dynamics performed in 2017-2018 for Aloil works on the construction of a permanent static and dynamic integrated model of the Alekseevskoye field.

The Alekseevskoye field is characterized by a complex geological structure, an extensive producing interval and a long development history.

During the model building, Rock Flow Dynamics specialists reviewed the geological structure of the main field object, made recommendations on drilling 28 sidetracks, 69 new wells, transferring 23 wells to the reservoir pressure maintenance system, as well as conducting 326 geological and technical measurements. The wells proposals were compiled on priority wells with a detailed analysis of the drilling area and prospect assessment.

As a result of the joint work of specialists from Aloil and Rock Flow Dynamics, the first horizontal well in the history of the field was drilled on the field, which marked the beginning of horizontal drilling. The starting flow rate of the well was several times higher than the average flow rate of the modeled area, geological and technical measures are being successfully carried out according to recommendations presented by Rock Flow Dynamics. After building the model of the Alekseevskoye field, the management of Aloil decided to build a hydrodynamic model for the Albay field, developed by Aloil, and acquire tNavigator software for geological and hydrodynamic modeling.

Deputy CEO – Chief Geologist of Aloil – A. Egorov:

During project implementation, Rock Flow Dynamics specialists have shown themselves to be a professional team interested in achieving results, able to take into account current priorities and accurately assessing the situation, arriving at a positive solution showing high skills in the field of development and geological and hydrodynamic modeling.”

About Aloil:

Aloil is the first oil company registered after the February 1997 decree issued by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan (RT) on an increase in oil production in RT, under which private enterprises were allowed the access to oil fields.

The main activity of the company is the development of fields and hydrocarbon exploration within the Alekseevsky and Orekhovsky licensed areas located on the territory of two constituent entities of the Russian Federation – within the Bavlinsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Northern district of the Orenburg region. For more than 20 years of its activity, Aloil has produced about 4 million tons of oil and over 100 million cubic meters of associated gas.

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