Company Rock Flow Dynamics donates twenty-five numerical simulator licences, tNavigator, to the Petroleum Engineering course at UFERSA

The Petroleum Engineering course and the Federal Rural Semi-Arid  University with the goal of improving petroleum reservoir engineering research entered into a partnership with Rock Flow Dynamics, which owns the software tNavigator. Through this partnership, tNavigator has donated 25 licenses for academic use valued at U$ 4,000,000 (four million dollars).

The simulation of oil reservoirs has great relevance because it can improve the performance of technical and economic feasibility studies in oil fields.

The tNavigator is a modern simulator that performs multiphase flow studies in oil fields. The functionalities include pvt studies, compositional, thermal compositional, geological reservoir modeling, historical adjustment and uncertainty analysis, besides other possibilities of studies.

Finally, the Petroleum Engineering course and UFERSA would like to thank the company Rock Flow Dynamics, especially Ms. Tatiana Ivantsova for all the support necessary to make possible the realization of this teaching and research partnership with our institution.

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