tNavigator training course in SQU, Oman

Muscat, January 6-9, 2019 –
For the fourth consecutive year, Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) held tNavigator training course for SQU Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Students.

In this year course was divided into two stages. First stage was completed in May 2018, where students studied basic functionality of simulator.

Second stage was completed in January, where student studied with more details dynamic model QC, history-matching analysis, forecast creation, well location selection, adding new wells and comparison of different development scenarios.

The RFD native Pre-Processor tool, Model Designer, was presented to the participants. This tool provides fully integrated solution for Reservoir Modelling including different geology realizations, fluids properties, rock properties, development scenarios, sensitivity analysis, history matching and forecasting.

At the end of the course, the students used their new knowledge on real field data provided by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).
The course was organized with support of Dr. Majid Al-Wadhahi. The course lecturer was Dmitrii Ivanov, Director of RFD Oman Support Office.

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