Introduction to RFD’s Integrated Modelling Solution

Starting 23rd June, Rock Flow Dynamics is hosting a 6-part virtual coffee break series.  If you are new to tNavigator join us virtually and let our local experts guide you through live introductory demonstrations, covering all disciplines including geoscience, reservoir engineering, and production engineering.  We will demonstrate how tNavigator’s advanced features can eliminate the bottlenecks commonly associated with reservoir modelling and simplify complex workflows by enabling collaboration and data sharing across domains.

Schedule of Sessions:

23.06 | Fast & Flexible Dynamic Simulation – What can you do when you are running your model?

30.06 | Interactive Tracer Analysis – How can you evaluate reservoir continuity and injection efficiency?

07.07 | History Matching Analysis – How to quickly identify the wells that don’t match your historical data?

14.07 | Assisted History Matching & Optimisation – How can you use algorithms and automation to your advantage?

28.07 | Integrated Asset Modelling – What value can the integration of surface and subsurface bring to your project?

04.08 | Geology is Alive!  – How does tNavigator allow you to maximise geoscientific data and build fit-for-purpose simulation models?

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