5-day training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In July 2019 Rock Flow Dynamics held 5-day training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More than 15 representatives of such companies as PTTEP, Murphy Oil and Petronas took part in the event.
The training was focused on the following topics:
• Simulation in tNavigator
• Geomechanics
• Static modeling in Geology Designer, volumetric analysis
• Pre-processing in Model Designer
• Connected Volume Analysis
• Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty
• Proxy Modelling: Quadratic Proxy & Neural Network
• Multiobjective optimization, Pareto front
• Discrete Cosine Transform algorithm in Assisted History Matching
• Integrated Assisted History Matching (building the workflow combining several modules of tNavigator: Geology Designer, Model Designer, AHM, Simulator)
• Surface-subsurface integrated model (Network Designer, VFP Designer and Simulator)
• Multisegment wells modeling

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