3 Days Training course for MEDCO, Indonesia

On December 3 – 5, 2018 Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) held in Indonesia, Jakarta advanced tNavigator training for the company MEDCO.

During the training were discussed the following questions:
-Relative permeabilities, Model initialization, End point scaling -Tips and trips for numerical set up & debugging -How to speed-up model calculation without its simplification -Uncertainty Analysis, Assisted History Matching, forecast scenarios -Creation of Hydraulic fractures via LGR -Integrated modeling. Workflows example, integration of Geology Designer, Model Designer and Assisted History Matching, etc.

The representatives of MEDCO expressed gratitude to Rock Flow Dynamics for the held trainings:
“Thank you so much for giving us the 3 days tNavigator training.

Personally, I have gained additional insights on TNAV’s capability (especially on the model designer and the integration of static uncertainty into dynamic).” – said one of the attendees.

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