"The multicore-optimised design of tNavigator solver opens the gates to full-field simulations on original geological fine-grid and allows bypassing detrimental upscaling procedures. The simulation time is reduced from weeks to hours."
TGT Oil and Gas Services

Mission and Vision

Rock Flow Dynamics was established with a clear vision to provide reservoir engineers worldwide with new state-of-the-art dynamic reservoir simulation technology that meets the most demanding modern expectations for raw performance, rich modeling functionality, advanced Graphical User interface capabilities, and smart license pricing. Taking advantage of the non-stop progress in the computing technologies, tNavigator is designed to ensure continuous improvements in simulation performance and effective handling of the present and future performance bottlenecks. The time for a major breakthrough in reservoir simulations has finally come!

Let’s take a close look around! In the last few years we moved from tedious searches through multivolume encyclopedias to Google and Wikipedia, from stacks of aging vinyl disks to a tiny iPod, which can store all the music you ever heard in your entire life! We already forgot what photographic films are and doing everything with the cameras built in our phones and immediately upload the pictures on social networks and photo sharing web sites. And all this progress is taken for granted!

Why can’t we stop using 30 year old software and primitive integration technologies when we run sophisticated dynamic models of multibillion dollar oil & gas fields? Why do we spend hours editing plain text files even before we start the simulations? Why do we need to buy 8 or 16-core desktops only to find out that our license agreement allows us to utilize only one thread of one core? It is hard to believe that to run industry standard simulator software on all 16 cores, one needs to sell a small house near Houston!

The answer is clear – there is no real competition; there are no real alternatives, and all the great ideas and innovations simply die out within the walls of monstrous service corporations, which somehow lack the very concept of how modern reservoir simulation software should look like and what reservoir engineers really want to have on their computers. As, in every other field, only small creative start-up teams can generate breakthrough technologies and lead the way for innovations.

We got lucky, and despite the initial lack of support and cash we found brave oil & gas experts, who, at the very early stage of the RFD software development, had the guts to admit that RFD technology was superior to whatever they had seen before. Only due to their strong support we managed to translate our ideas into a commercial product, get our first clients, and later win corporate contracts with Oil & Gas majors.

At present, we continue to innovate and work hand in hand with all our small and big clients. Despite the growing number of users we remain flexible and continue to invest a lot of resources and engineering efforts into individual clients’ customization. Working with simulation teams in different countries around the globe, we hope that our technology will become one of the most popular Oil & Gas industry tools.