Graphical User Interface

Graphical Interface module can be used with all simulation modules: black oil, compositional and thermal.

Preprocessing, run monitoring, and the simulation result post processing are done using a single multi-window graphical interface.


  • Mouse control simulation: start, pause, restart.
  • Visualization of maps and graphs during calculation.
  • Graphs, templates, 2D and 3D Maps, bubble maps, cross-plots, histograms, well profiles and different reports.
  • Filed development planning: add vertical and horizontal wells, hydraulic fractures, bottom hole zone treatment.
  • Load history and events tables to update model automatically.
  • Waterflood optimization: interactive tracers, streamlines, drainage graphs and tables.
  • Sector modelling: automatic split and merge.
  • Advanced user map calculator: build any maps and filters to analyze data.
  • Economical preferences setup and properties calculation (including NPV).

  • And other options are available.


Additional option Remote Graphical Interface is available to control calculations running on cluster.


Economical preferences setup and properties calculation (including NPV).