Black Oil simulator

 This module is designed to simulate the three-phase  water, oil, gas reservoir models. Conventional syntax of input deck can be used: E100, IMEX, MORE.

This module can be used with Graphical Interface module or separately as a console version on the workstation or cluster.


  • General mesh formulation (NNC, LGR and coarsen, faults, pinchouts, etc.), corner point, unstructured grids.
  • Dual porosity, dual permeability.
  • Tracer analysis, waterflood optimization, aquifers, waters with different salinities.
  • Polymers, surfactants, alkaline injection, Bright Water polymers.
  • Hysteresis.
  • Hydraulic fractures.
  • Multisegment wells, group controls, VFP tables, surface network.
  • Temperature extension of black oil to model cold water injection.
  • Fully implicit and adaptive implicit algorithms.
  • And other options are available.


Parallel calculation is performed automatically on all available cores of the workstation or cluster nodes.

This module can be integrated with the third-party software: MEPO, Enable, PetrelRE plugin, GAP, RESOLVE and other.