• Question. There is a message issued: This model is being calculated by another instance of tNavigator. Opening by this instance may lead to unexpected results. Do you really want to proceed? What should I do?

    There is a special *.lock file, created by tNavigator in RESULTS folder each time the model is opened for calculation. This protects this model from spoiling the results by occasional model opening in two different tNavigator versions or from opening same model from network disk by different users. When the calcualtion is complete, and the model is closed, *.lock file is automatically deleted. If the model was closed abnormally (for example, computer power was switched off), the lock-file will stay in the RESULTS directory. If you are sure that this model is not opened anywhere else, press Yes in the dialogue, to continue work with the model.

    To avoid confusion, it"s better to use modes ViewResults/ViewGraphs when you are not going to calculate the model. In this case results stay unchanged and lock-file is not created.