tNavigator 4.2.6 released

December 01, 2016

We are pleased to announce that tNavigator 4.2.6 is now released and available for users. In tNavigator 4.2.6 a new module of tNavigator PVT Designer is available. In PVT Designer it is possible to choose components, conduct experiments, load laboratory measurement data, execute an automatic matching of chosen parameters in accordance with measured data (regression) and create PVT tables.  



The list of new features includes:

For model in MORE format:

  • For the well gas inflow simulation the Russel-Goodrich (R-G) equation and pseudo-pressure (P-P) option are available (keywords GPP, MPGP, WGPP, WMPG, RG, WRG).
  • For the black-oil model the temperature expansion is supported (keywords THER, UOIL, UGAS, UWAT, UROC, THCO, THCG, THCW, THCR, OVVT, GVVT, TEMP, WVVT).


For model in E300 format:

  • For simulations of isothermal compositional models several water components can be chosen (keywords WNAMES, COMPW, PREFW, DREFW, VREFW, CREFW, WI, WMF, WMFVD, AQSTREAW).


Special options:

  • The choke can be set and the fluid flow pressure through the choke using correlation formulas can be computed (the keyword NETCHOKE).
  • For water-gas two phase model (E100 format) it is possible to define a phase relative permeability using Corey and Let correlations (keywords COREYWG, LETWG).


Model Designer

In tNavigator 4.2.6 Model Designer the following features are added:

  • Templates are available for Well correlation profile (Well Section): it is possible to create, copy and edit templates (it is possible to move the objects on panels and change their settings).
  • It is possible to load objects in the following formats:

-          Well trajectory, wellhead, markers, events, Well Logs: Landmark OWX files *.asc;

-          Horizons: Surfer 7 GRD (Bin) Format, Z-Map Plus Format, GXF-3 Format;

-          Faults: Surfer 7 GRD (Bin), Surfer BLN file, Landmark Fault 3d;

-          Polygons: Surfer BLN files, TKS Polygons.

  • User section SCHEDULE can be load into Model Designer (data are visualized in Well Data. Rules).


PVT Designer

In tNavigator 4.2.6 PVT Designer:

  • The Graphical user interface was optimized.
  • New experiments are available (Separator Test, Swelling Test, Compositional Grading).
  • For all experiments it is possible to define measurement data and automatically match chosen parameters according to defined laboratory data.


Assisted History Matching

  • The Plackett-Burman experimental design method is implemented.
  • For optimization algorithms in assisted history matching it is possible to choose historical data that will be taken (or not) into account. I.e. the possibility to choose the historical points to calculated objective function is available.
  • PLT measurements can be used in assisted history matching. 


The full list of improvements can be found in the release notes