tNavigator 17.1 released

March 21, 2017

We are pleased to announce that tNavigator 17.1 is now released and available for users. 

In 2017 tNavigator version enumeration is updated. Now the version number consists in two last digits of the year and the number of release in this year, separated via a dot. For example, 4 tNavigator versions in 2017 will have the following numeration: 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 17.4, corresponding to the numbers of quarters when these versions are released. Update of enumeration system has a goal to make it easier for users to identify current and out-of-date versions.


The key improvements in 17.1 are:

  • Geology module is split in Geology Designer and Model Designer, licensed separately. Geology Designer – building geological model from scratch. Model Designer – preprocessor to build dynamic model. PVT Designer is included in both licenses Geology Designer and Model Designer.

  • In Geology Designer there is a first implementation of tools to load and work with 3D seismic data. 

  • In this release there is a first implementation of CPU+GPU simulation engine: calculation speed-up can be obtained due to solving systems of linear equations using graphics accelerators NVidia. The only GPUs starting Pascal architecture are supported (and latest CUDA drivers) to utilize GPU functionality.

  • The algorithm of solving linear systems is enhanced.

  • The design of the main window is modified in order to allow a more comfortable access to all the modules.

  • The access to the Manuals is available from the main window. To read the Manuals any pdf reader is needed.

  • 32-bit versions on all platforms are not supported anymore.


The full list of improvements can be found in the release notes